Sunday, November 14, 2010


:: I am about half way done with my blanket

:: I've made a decent dent in the Christmas shopping (online mostly)

:: I found this awesome Nativity puzzle on Etsy. I cannot wait to give it to the boys on December 1st. Ours is a little bigger than the one I linked to - this mini one looks so cute!

:: I have no idea where all my time is going and I don't have too much to show for it either!

:: I am falling in love with my crock pot again

:: Realized that it was time to mix a batch (or two) of some chex mix

:: I have been totally slacking when it comes to the gym.

:: I took my sewing machine to be services - finally. Who can disco while listening to Christmas music?

:: I was given an older serger (read - manual threading/tension adjusting) this summer - for free. It terrifies me. I was going to name it Serge or something clever like that ... for now I'm calling it the Terminator. The man who serviced it was so nice and even gave me a lesson; told me to come back if I ever needed help. I haven't touched it since. One spool of thread is almost out ... do you think he will mind if I brought over all my Christmas sewing to his shop and just set up camp?

:: Henry looks just so ... so big to me now that he's lost a tooth. What will I do when his voice changes and he is taller than me!

:: My house is trashed. Lincoln Logs, Lego's, super hero costumes, light sabers, and lots of small plastic pieces litter the living room entire house.

:: I spent waaaayy too much time the other week sorting the Lego's. I was obsessed. For real. Now each set has it's own tupperware container with the instructions. It was worth it (despite my aching back and John constantly asking when I was going to share). The boys rediscovered sets that they didn't even remember having. I type this to remind myself that it was not done in vain - my hard work brought them great joy for one week ... and once they find their way back into one communal bin I can reread this and remember that ;-)

:: I managed to go 38 years without ever mowing the grass. I grew up in a town house, lived in apts., and then got married. I never had the need! Our mower is not self propelled so it was a work out!

:: I have finished two books and picked up and put down two others. I know I will come back to them but they just aren't what I am in the mood for. I find it hard once I've finished a really good book to move on to another unless it too just grabs me from the first page. How about you?

:: I am doing a swapwith a friend of mine - she is going to take pics of us and I am going to make doll "quilts" for bunk beds that were hers when she was a little girl that her granddad made - the quilts are part of a Christmas present for her daughter. I love that family history and I'm excited to have a little part to play.

:: John appeared downstairs today donning his full batman costume - the one he was supposed to wear for Halloween (but refused to even try it on - despite having picked it out). Wonder if I can convince him to wear it for next Halloween ...

:: I think I better go bake some bread.

Do you need to declutter?


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Yes! You are not alone! I've been doing that since early this year in my sewing room and it does feel good to use up what is there and make something useful out of it. I do try to keep the clothes decluttered, especially in the kids' room. So when I change out their clothes for the season, anything that does not fit, goes in the donation bag. I have several bags waiting to be dropped off now. It feels good to pass on what we don't need anymore! Have fun with your FUN!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I've spent much time sorting out legos -- only to have them dumped out. I think I gave up at some point. These days, those legos sit in a big container in the basement. I wish someone would come and dump them again!

You've got a lot going on in your household. Eeee Gads!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I totally need to declutter.

You are swapping a friend?

I am ordering that puzzle!

I am sorting beads.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

0h! And I am almost finished with Christmas shopping too!

UK lass in US said...

My house is immaculate (well, tidy, anyway) - which might have had something to do with my mother-in-law coming to stay... I did keep the garage door closed, mind... And the lego is all in one bin. Actually, I did find a piece of lego in the fridge, too. I'm still wondering about that one...

angela said...

Oh, you made my brain hurt. I am a bit overwhelmed with the thought of needing to declutter and sew at the same time. Sewing in itself is a cluttering task for me...but everthing else needs to go, and quick before our house is inundated with Christmas gifts! Oh, and cutting grass is always a great workout, so who needs the gym?!

Sara said...

And how! I enjoyed this post--thanks.

Paige said...

Oh, goodness knows I can always use a good decluttering of the mind.
And wow, you're the proud owner of a serger! I really have no idea what they do/how they do it, and would probably be as terrified of the thing as you, but then fear has never stopped either of us when we're on the road to crafty oblivion, right??!

Paula said...

YES! I definately need to de-clutter. I did my craft (or crap) room a few weeks ago, but already think it needs it again.