Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Do you feel like you have been on a roller coaster the past month?

I sure do.

Albeit, it has been a fun ride filled with tailgating (or vangating as we now call it) and football games

a breakfast of champions

and tapping into our inner sculptor

I am glad to say goodbye to October

Pooh look familiar?

My boys are consistent. Superheros and a honey lovin' bear.

I feel like I am ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-banging my way into November?

Sugar high perhaps?

Bring on the turkey coma I say!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Amen to that! October was crazy and I can't even say what I've done with it! Great pics as always!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Turkey Coma? Silly you, there's no time for that with Christmas right around the corner.

Stacey's Treasures said...

It has been a busy October & it seems a even busier November is here.