Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Turn The Page ... Tuesday

I happened to come across The Garden of Eden the modern way ... blogging. Sara had posted a review a bit back and it peaked my curiosity. One day while John was in story time at the library and I had a few minutes to spare I thought I would see if it was available (I really do keep a list of all the TTPT books that I want to read and other blogger's favs).

Since Sara did a nice job of highlighting the book with out giving too much away I'll just make a few comments. About 100 pages into the book I decided to to a little 'research' (ie: google) some information about the book and Hemingway. Come to find out, this book was published after his death and was really put on the chopping block. It's a shame because I began my search because I kept feeling like something was missing; conversations that started but I wasn't sure of the origin for example. I wanted to know more about the main characters and why they behaved they way they did; what their history was. Maybe I'm just nosy when I'm interested in someone or something - just sayin'. I did really enjoy getting inside David's head (the only lead male) and the 'story within a story' (sorry but you have to read the book in order to understand). David is a writer and the way inspiration comes to him and his ability to be in the moment was fascinating to me. The way he talked to himself and focused made me wonder if Hemingway was sharing a bit of himself with us.

I am glad I read the book but as I understand (based on review on the net) that this is very different from any other book he has written. Now I'm trying to figure out what would be the next book to read of Hemingway's ... suggestions?

And speaking of suggestions - I have one for the next two months of TTPT. It's going to get crazy around here and I'm sure in your little part of the world too; I don't want to see the flame dye out because we are all too busy to put our feet up and read. So let's take some liberties .... if you find you don't finish a book for the Dec. or Jan. post but did get to squeak out a peek at a magazine or two share that with us. Was there an article in particular that struck your fancy? Maybe it was about cooking, or crafting, or saving our earth one solar panel at a time ... you get the picture. In other words, my loyal TTPT bloggers (and those who want to participate for the first time) - you are off the hook. No deep thoughts or 200 + pages necessary.

I can't wait to see what you've been reading ~ make sure you link (sorry there are two Mister Linky's - I can't delete one - arg!)


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I haven't read Hemingway since high school (and that was a long time ago -- don't ask!). I know I should broaden my horizons and try new things, but I've been stuck in a rut of late -- not a bad rut, but reading the same genre. As always, thanks for hosting this.

Paula said...

I love the classics, but not sure that I've read any Hemmingway in a very long time, probably high school like Jodi. Sorry, no suggestions there.
My post is up.

Sara said...

Thanks for the mention, Adrienne! I'm glad you enjoyed the book. I have to agree with many of your comments pertaining to how this book was published posthumously. It's been several years, but I also liked A Farewell to Arms and Islands in the Stream (also published posthumously) by Hemingway. And I have a paperback of his short stories just waiting in my stack right now!

Jill said...

My favorite Hemingway (and one of the only I've completed) is 'The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber'. Interesting relationships between the characters.

Sadly, I was too busy this last month to read (or knit). I'll be back in December since my book club is meeting on Dec 1st.

Thanks, as always, for keeping this project going!

Stacey's Treasures said...

I love to read magazines. This sounds like fun!

Paige said...

Waaaay back in HS I read, of course, The Old Man and the Sea. In college I read Gone to Soldiers, which I liked a lot. And here at home I've had The Sun Also Rises on my bookshelf forever - perhaps I'll get to it sometimes in the near future!