Monday, January 25, 2010

More Mitten Mania

Upon the boys witnessing my pure and utter glee with my first pair of mittens, they of coarse requested a little bit of happiness for themselves.

The thought of those sweet little hands getting cold and chapped just just wouldn't do.

Fortunately they have more than one pair of gloves ... but none that fit as well as these.

I hit the stash once more. The green wool for Henry was hand spun and dyed locally. I had purchased it with the intent to make a flap hat for DH. I made that hat at least 3 times. I just couldn't get it right so I tucked the yarn away waiting for the right inspiration (and tension and gauge!). The blue (Cascade Yarns - 100% superwash wool - color no. 854) for John was again from a project gone awry. This time the yarn seemed much easier to work with - I finally had the right project/hook for what it was made for. I followed this free pattern - Ravelry here - direct link here.

I didn't have to modify the pattern a bit to fit their hands because the yarns were different thickness. The boys were so excited - it was killing them to have to keep trying them on so I could make sure they fit. Henry now wants a pair of fingerless mits ... hmmm .... wonder where he got that idea from.

There's nothing like a little bit of handmade love to help warm the heart (and hands).

PS - it was 61 degrees when I went to the gym at 5:30 this AM ... another 'heat wave'!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You are the master of the mittens! They look absolutely awesome. Now let's hope they don't lose them -- my kids win the prize for losing the most mittens.

Debi said...

I agree with The Jolly Bee... we now dub thee "Mitten Master"! I love the colors from your stash. Stash is good!

heather jane said...

The colors are really beautiful! And 5:30 am gym runs? Are you trying to make us all look bad? Because that's what you are doing trottin' around in your short at the crack of dawn just isn't right.

Good for you, none the less.

Stacey's Treasures said...

I do like these mittens. It seems like craft & fabric supplies always find a use sometime.
Wow, 61 degree's (that is a heat wave)

Jill said...

Mittens, mittens, mittens!
I am SMITTEN with your MITTENS!

Seriously - I would love to attempt these... maybe I will, but for now, I'm in total admiration of yours.


Paige said...

I love the mittens, and way to bust the stash! Three, almost four weeks into the new year and I haven't step foot into a yarn or fabric store. Perhaps there's hope for me yet!
And 61 degrees??? Sounds so good!

Paula said...

Sweet! You've got to keep those little hands warm even if it is spring time weather. Loving that green homespun.