Friday, January 8, 2010


That's what my children are.

At least when the camera is around.


Don't believe me?

Take a look at this

and this is the best I could get for this one

When did they become so camera shy? Maybe it's the past 2 years (since birth)that I've been shoving a camera in their face all.the.time. for blog worthy, memory making photos. Naah. I didn't think so either ;-)

So why is this post worthy you may ask? Scarves. It's all about the scarves. Henry asked me to make a scarf for him and some time ago, ahem, he picked out a super soft Patons Bohemian (Green Tea) for me to make him a teddy bear with. I know, hang with me, teddy bear to scarf ... the teddy bear never happened but the yarn was still hanging around (along with another Patons that John had picked out - Artistic Taupes - that so fits him - another post entirely - I digress). I only had 1 skein each (68 yards) but I thought they would work up to just about the right length for the wee ones. I decided to really step out here and pulled out my knitting needles (size 10) and cast on (12) and went to town. The end result: two scarves 3 1/2 inches wide and 36 inches long. One would conclude that there would also be two warm necks ... not so fast Speed Racer. John has decided that he doesn't like wearing scarves. big.deep.sigh. Maybe next winter.

Actually, there really are two warm necks ...

I made this one using the same pattern and yarn (but in Dark Thistle) from this summer (I gave that scarf to my sister in law for Christmas). Sorry for the poor picture ... maybe it runs in the family.

Sooo ... since I've been babbling and it appears that you are still reading, and we have been talking warm necks and scarves ... let's talk some more about that ... and maybe about warming some hearts too.

Craft Hope has launched it's 6th project! Scarves for the Orphan Foundation of America Red Scarf Project. You know I'm in. I am going to try the Star Stitch knitted scarf they have posted. We'll see how far I get. I've never gotten that fancy with my knittin'. I did need to go buy some red yarn though.

And some yarn for a few other projects ... like this scarf, and these bunnies, and some more mittens for me. It's cold here! I've got to sit by the fire to keep warm ... you know I can't sit by a fire and not have some yarn action ;-) I'm such a renegade - har har.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Nice scarves, yummy yarns, and cute kids...what we could see of them anyway!

Love the picture on your header too! Very winter like!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Okay, now I'm drooling over your yarn. What is it with yarn? You're making me want to make something new -- and I only have countless projects already started. I laughed about your child now NOT liking scarves. When my daughter learned to knit, she must have made 20 scarves (I'm not kidding). And she doesn't wear any of them. Why? She hates wearing scarves. Duh.

Angela said...

thanks for the heads up about project six. i may have to get in on this one. i was pretty excited to see that it's in virginia! we've got over a month to get some scarf action completed...i need to get me some yummy red yarn.

periwinkle said...

oooh I like the red -- go on , make the boy a teddy :-)

CraftCrave said...

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