Tuesday, June 23, 2009


  • Turn the page ... Tuesday is coming up soon - July 7th. I'm working on a new linking feature. Stay tuned.

  • Christmas in July. Yup. I'm doing it again. You sewing, crafting, gift planning along? I'm planning a few more shoe totes and maybe some lap quilts done the Some of a Kind way (in other words - with shortcuts and no binding). I also stumbled upon these cute soap savers. I'm thinking these would be nice with some local hand made soap.

  • Craft Hope has announced the new opportunity to help. Baby blankets - must be received no later than July 25th - more details here.

  • Stacey and Kris have announced their new sew along - details at either blog or the flickr page. I'm going to use this as my opportunity to help me make up for my flop of a May(d) for Me!
  • Something big is happening here in Some of a Kind land. I can't share yet but you all will be some of the first to know (and no I'm not pregnant - seriously). I'm working as fast as I can considering Henry has semi-officially dropped his nap. He's adjusted quite well. I have not. Here's a little sneak peak of the WIP -


Paula said...

I'm in for Turn the Page Tuesday again and I'm already working on some Christmas gifts, but with nozy sisters hanging around in blogland, don't know that I'll have anything I can show. Maybe....
Hey, and I'm almost done with my May(d) for me blouse. Only a month late!

jannza said...

I'll be ready with my Turn the Page Tuesday too!

Love you fabric selection. Beautiful colors!

Ruth said...

Love Kris's blog and shop. I already have a wish list started for some patterns and fabric. Can't wait.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

my youngest, Gracie 4 1/2, has finally officially dropped her nap too. Takes some adjustment for the whole family :) But now we have so much more time to do fun things.

Like quilting and sewing and crocheting! I love the fabrics you have teased us with! Whatever will they turn into?


periwinkle said...

Looks like Gabe is wanting to drop his and he's not even 2 yet !! Looking forward to seeing what you are doing ??