Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Turn The Page Tuesday - A Preview

So ... I've had a few questions as to how this will all come together. I thought I would do a little preview and offer a few suggestions as how to go about participating.

  1. Please feel free to copy the Turn the page ... Tuesday picture and paste it into your sidebar with a link to this post. For those of you who have already done so, I have updated the picture so the words are legible. (I don't know why it cut off the words here but it doesn't in my side bar ... hmmm)

  2. Let me know you are particpating. The first Tuesday of every month I will post my book 'review/recommendation' and also a link to your blog.

  3. You are to post on the first Tuesday of each month a book that you have read recently or if time has just gotten the best of you - a book that you read (even if it was in high school) that you would recommend.
  4. Title your post "Turn the page ... Tuesday" and I would also suggest if you use labels when you post to simply put "Turn the page Tuesday" (and book/reading or something along those lines) so that when someone does follow a link to your blog they can search the content easily.

So ... without further ado ... I actually did get to read a really great book about 3 weeks ago. I was at a local bookstore and spotted this title on the end of an aisle of used books (they really know how to get you, don't they) and was immediately taken in ... and taken to the cash register!

The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander had me not wanting to do anything else but read. I already had an interest in the Romanov dynasty but it had been left untouched since high school. I played Anastasia in a school play and always wondered what really happened. Time passed, I got busy and forgot all about that piece of history. This book does not answer what actually happened to the ill fated family but it certainly will captivate you, flows well, and is very believable. Truth be told - as soon as I finished reading the book I immediately went to my library's online catalogue to try to find more books about the Romanov's. No such luck but I think I was not searching properly. I need to call in reinforcements (mama works in a library).

If you ad this to your 'read someday' list you will not be disappointed.


Paige said...

That sounds like a good one! I'm almost finished with the book I'm currently reading, so I should be ready to post about it by next Tuesday.

Paula said...

I may have to try to find that one. Sounds really good. I love historical fiction. I'm going to try to join in with you, if I can remember to post on Tuesday's. I tend to be a few days behind~