Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm so predictable. Here's what DH and the grandpa's got for fathers day:

Both DH and my father in law are big football fans; actually they are huge rivals too - DH went to Virginia and my father in law went to Virginia Tech. Never a dull moment during college football season ...

If I remember correctly the fabric is Alexander Henry.

I was in such a rush to get my dad's in the mail I forgot to take a picture. He loves trains so I used some green (his favorite color) linen from my stash and backed it with this train fabric.

I learned a lot from my first go round with the bookmarks - this time I used a chalk pencil and 'erased' all the missed marks. I also had Henry just write their name instead of draw a picture keeping it simple.

We had a nice day until DH got stung by a bee - two days later he was at the MD because he could barely walk. His ankle was so grossly swollen had become infected. Who knew a bee sting could do that! He's on an antibiotic now and is doing much better but I'll tell ya - I've never really seen anything like it. Poor guy. At least he got some time to prop his feet up and use his new bookmark!

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Angela said...

Yikes! Bee stings can be scary! Love the bookmarks. How did I drop the ball on that one? Those bookmarks are going on my Christmas to-make list.