Monday, June 23, 2008

Christmas In July

I'm already planning for Christmas (or at least trying to). Last year's December was chaos. I had decided (in November) that I wanted to dust off my sewing machine again and make every ones Christmas presents. I made quite a few presents but not as many as I wanted. I also had waaayyy too many late nights.

I'm trying to get ahead of the game and actually enjoy the process of making every ones gifts because I will have plenty of time to spare (I did it - I just cursed myself).

Will you join me? Let's have Christmas in July Sew Along. Designate July as your getting organized, cutting out fabric, and get sewing (or crafting) presents month! I haven't set up a flickr group but if enough people let me know they want to participate I will. Then we can admire and be inspired by your gifts ... the only drawback I see is wanting to be adopted by each and every one of you so I could make your 'list' (big cheesy grin).

Here's a picture you can copy for your sidebar (if we do flickr you can add the link). If you have trouble copying it just leave me your email in the comments (I won't publish it for blog-land to see) and I'll send it to you. You can add this link:
that will direct those who are interested to this post (assuming for now no flickr).

I know it's still June ... I'm really trying to get ahead! Never mind the office curtains (and these for the playroom) thatI still have not finished or the dress that's waiting to be made or the skirt for the sew along or ... Do I hear jingle bells? Ho! Ho! Ho!


queen of everything said...

i would like to join.

Jade said...

Might as well! Since I should be getting it all organized! ;)

Joy said...

Oooo, great motivation! If I can finish up a few other projects in the pile I may jump in! Last year was a crazy last minute gift finishing time! Thanks for getting us off on the right foot for this year!

Mique (as in M-i-c-k-e-y) said...

I linked here from your skirt for the sew along there. I'd love to join in on your Christmas in July. And I'm doing a Christmas in July on my tutorial blog that I set up for last year's Christmas (does that make any sense? I decided to do 30 days of tutorials- each day a different theme with the tutorial links on it- and when it got too big on my main blog, I made another blog)...if that's too confusing, just go here:
SO- I haven't updated it since Christmas and I decided to do another 30 days in July......
sorry for this incredibly long comment. I think it'll go perfectly with your Christmas in July sew along.