Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mail Call

I don't know if it's a good thing that I've seen my mail men several times in the past week ... not because they aren't nice people (we have several delivery people) but because it's burning a hole in my bank account! Here are some of the goodies I've acquired (and their soon to be fate:

Etsuko Fuyura
Butterfly Stripes (Rust)
Flower (Deep Red/Beige Flower w/ Teal Dove)

I ordered these from Kris to make this cover for my KitchenAid. It gets a little ... dusty from time to time. The picture does not do this fabric justice ... it is just beautiful!

I also bought Amy Butler's Blue Sky Hats pattern (still searching for fabric) and this awesome wet bag to use at the pool. I think I have paid for Kris's kids first year of college - ok, maybe just for a set of braces! (smile) (Let me clarify - she's not expensive ... I've just ordered a ton of stuff!)

But wait! There's more! A little surprise ... some of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern (brown) as a bonus ... thank you so much Kris!

And then there are the books ... I fell in love with the sweet chemise in Simple Sewing With a French Twist. I can't wait to make it. This book is such eye candy. Gorgeous pictures and some pretty cool projects (shoe covers, bathrobe, laundry bags...). I also spotted (while blog lurking) the SEW Everything Workshop and decided that it was needed as well to add to the Some-of-a-Kind-too-many-books collection.

I figure these are a little happy birthday to me - only two months early ...

Henry and John also got some mail not too long ago - a postcard from Milo (Periwinkle's big little fella). Henry was just tickled to get some mail from "really really really REALLY far away".

I am also lusting for one of these dolls and these little people from Erica Daley. I am wishing for them to magically appear in my mail box. I can see a whole Some of a Kind family (cat included) on my bookshelf ... I need these like I need ... more books and fabric! :0)


Jade said...

Girl! You are busy. When on earth will you find time to clean out?? :) Simple Sewing with a French Twist. I own it! Love it! I agree about the pictures. Simply beautiful! I made the ballerina bag for my little one.

periwinkle said...

lovely material and looking foward to seeing what you make from the books.. I missed our postman today with my new fabric :-( . Thank you for the postcard pic, will show it to Milo in the morning he will be well pleased
lisa x

Anonymous said...

I have Simple Sewing With a French Twist too! It's gorgeous.
Yummy fabrics!

The Stitching Surgeon said...

Love the fabrics for the Kitchen Aid Mixer cover - I've had my eye on that pattern as well! Let me know how it works up - I just may have to add that to my to-sew list. Love the Simple Sewing with a French Twist book too! The pictures are definately eye candy! I have my eye on making the sweet chemise as well! Maybe I'll give it a try as a "May(d) for Me" project soon...if life can get less crazy.

Anonymous said...

I hope you liked the stand mixer cover pattern, any comments are always appreciated! Small world! You are one of my regular reads on bloglines.

Lola said...

That fabric is luscious!! Uhhh Ohhh....I feel a purchase coming on!

Joy said...

I really like the fabric and I am very interested in the stand mixer cover and how it turns out. It could make for some fun Christmas gifts (for myself and others of course). ;) Thanks for sharing all of the fun!