Friday, December 7, 2007

Ice Ice Baby....

No more snow, just ice. It pretty much blindsided people this morning. Sadly there were many, many car accidents. My husband slipped and slided his way to work and watched many others do the same. When he was leaving the YMCA an unfortunate mom was taking her child to the daycare and slipped and fell. My sweet hubbie had to carry her child in for her because she hit her head on the pavement...We hope she is ok and doesn't have too terrible of a heachache today. How scary! I can't imagine how out of control she must have felt at that moment. I know my husband was a little unnerved by the experience. You never like to see someone hurt or a child at risk of being hurt.

On an happier note, my living room is almost done...yippee! It's so nice when you begin to make things your own...and actually hang pictures where you want them and not where there were already holes. Plaster walls are wonderful but so temperamental.

My sewing has hit a minor (maybe major glitch) just in time for Christmas. That great cape has caused me a fit. Basically the short story is my thread continues to get stuck and I nearly ripped my fabric trying to undo it. UGH. I went to a sewing shop yesterday and there is nothing we can find wrong - it figures. Just like a car - it never makes the clunk/chug/spurt smoke for the mechanic. User error could certainly be the culprit :-] but the one thing I do know, I can't finish the cape with this machine. I can finish the other projects but not this one (which has to be shipped across the country soon). My husband made a deal with me: If I get a new sewing machine it cannot be in our bedroom (now called the FEMA room- note the pictures - no window treatments - no real bedding - we still live like we are in college). YIPEE! You can bet if I can get out of the house tomorrow I'll be revisiting my local sewing machine retailer. Bye bye Brother, hello BERNINA.


Anna said...

Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have enjoyed reading through yours a bit. I love your Ralph Emerson quote.

If you end up getting a new sewing machine, I would highly recommend the Bernina. I LOVE mine. (although you must make sure to get the bobbin threaded correctly or it won't sew right.)

Have a great day.

Adrienne said...

Anna - thanks so much for the comments and the Bernina advise. I actually ordered it and will pick it up on Fri. Thankfully the shop gives free lessons!