Friday, June 20, 2008

Where The Wild Things Are

Nope, not the book. Just our back yard.

We've had quite a few visitors over the years ... some less desirable than others ... a family of skunks, ground hogs, deer (with racks like you would not believe), black snakes, and even a gray fox. This was our first turtle siting.

The boys were very excited.
A close up before he was shown the way out ... we didn't want him to meet our lawnmower.

Crossing to the other side ... with a little shove ... ahem ... help.

Hope you make some pleasant discoveries this weekend.


Jade said...

Oh I'm afraid of the wild things in our yard. Snakes and such. Ick. I was moving the sprinkler last night after dark and just praying that a snake wasn't lurking around out there with me.

Since I've been watering though, and the grass is coming back the deer seem to be coming with it.

Happy Friday!

periwinkle said...

What a lovely find, I've just found a spiders nest and although I m absolutely terrified of spiders I can't help but keep having a peep as they all keep together in a little ball and then spreading out. You have a lovely garden
Lisa x

The Stitching Surgeon said...

oooo...i love turtles and that one is so cute!

Paige said...

Love that! Turtles are so cool. We have lots of bunnies around our place this year. One morning we even saw a deer in our backyard muchin' away on my hostas, which was just wild because we live pretty much in the inner city!

35 & holding said...

I am going to start adding a bird du joir to my blog. Call me and i will explain!! Check my blog out. Not quite as thrilling as some, but i am a newby!!