Wednesday, June 18, 2008

End Of Track

So my Easy stitch 'n save M5292 by McCall's is already proving to be difficult and potentially costly. I need help. I'll cut to the chase. I only have the first page of the directions. Anyone out there have this pattern or know of how I can get the second page (free preferably)?

I'll spare you the thoughts that ran through my mind when I realized this. Henry was standing next to me so they were not vocalized. I bought this pattern brand new ... grrrrrr!

The good news ... the first page actually takes you pretty far. The bad news ... there is a zipper and I don't have the directions on when to put it in. I think I could actually figure it out but you ladies are so resourceful that I thought I'd send out an S.O.S. I already have ripped out enough seams to last a lifetime ;o} Thanks a million!

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Adrienne said...

Don't know if you're on, but it's there. Perhaps you could message the girl that made it and ask her? We know she has the pattern!

Her review

Hope that helps!
(Another) Adrienne