Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Down...

And too many to count. But I'm not counting! I decided to focus on just one project yesterday. Usually I'm all in a tissy trying to do too much at once and too little time. I finished the baby blanket (the second attempt - pic is before the wash - it's so soft and cuddly now) for our Pastor's baby girl. The turtle (aka tortoise) is for their 2 year old son.

Skippyjohn is for their almost 5 year old. It comes with a CD that has the author reading the story. I can only imagine how funny that is going to be to listen to.

I bought some cloth diapers to make a few matching burb cloths. I might even try to do something like this. For me though, this is going to take some thought and planning...not two of my strenghts - ha! We are going to smoke a turkey for them this weekend. We haven't used our smoker since New Years Day. Let's hope it's not windy again!

TodayI decided to become reaquainted with my tea pot.

And then finished these two aprons. For me.

Belated Christmas present to match these napkins.

Please ignore the green paint peeking through...if you are just stumbling upon Some of a can read the paint story here & here.
Tonight I am meeting a bunch of girlfriends at a local ceramics studio for some food, wine, and oh ya...pottery painting.
PS - if the spelling is horrific...spell check wasn't working. I should have paid attention in school.

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StichingSurgeon said...

love your shamrock apron!