Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Zat you Santa Clause?

Nope. Just little ol' me sewing, cutting, sewing, ripping out seams and sewing some more. Have I said how much I LOVE my new Bernina....ok, I promise, no more gushing. Above is a picture of a purse I made for my sister-in-law. I really like how it turned out except for where it meets at the shoulder. I need to redo that part and ad a button to the front for the closure. I used this tutorial but lined it with cotton flannel to give it some weight. The pocket picture is streaked for some reason...need a new camera but the sewing machine took priority :) Just ignore the lovely green paint peeking through...some previous owner loved green and blue - go figure. The foyer is our next painting project (which is wallpapered over as well - joy). Oh...and the fat cat, his name is Gallagher - he came with the marriage (translation: I am the cat lover, my husband is cat tolerant). I plan to make a zippered pouch using this tutorial to match. And if I have enough time (ha) I want to make a no cash wallet from Bend the Rules. I also had to do some emergency Lovey repair. Henry was very distraught and couldn't sleep until I sewed up the holes. I am off to make some napkins and place mats for friends and my dad and a Christmas apron for me. Ho Ho Ho!

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