Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It Was a Blustery Day

Man. Was it windy here yesterday. Gusts up to 40 mph. And we just HAD to smoke our pork ribs. So, my DH became Mr. Improvise. We were worried that the wind would blow our smoker a few chairs, bricks, and lots of logs later...he fired her up. The only thing we forgot to factor in was the temperature control. The ribs were supposed to cook in 3 to 3 1/2 hours. 5 hours later...we put them in the oven...15 minutes later we nuked 'em. The poor smoker never got over 200 degrees. I decided that was our warning to slow down and and chill out. We have been so busy and worrying about things that aren't important vs what actually are. In the end - our dinner, although an hour later than planned was delicious. We used this on our pork. A gift from my SIL at Christmas. (Every spice we have used thus far has been wonderful!) My mom made a black eyed pea salad that was yummy and some green onion biscuits that were supper moist. Oh yeah - and sauerkraut - gotta have that too.

We have so many projects to do around the house (it's never ending isn't it?) and of course I have a TON of sewing projects running through my cluttered brain and not to mention that I want to learn to knit. So, what is a gal to do? Well, this here missy ordered this. Kinda silly but I need something to help me get organized. When I worked (out side the home ;-} ) I was a Day-Timer / Franklin Planner kinda woman. I had to be. I was a social worker in a nursing home and then a senior living counselor for a retirement home. But those just don't seem to work very well for me know (4 yrs into being at home I'm still floundering). I just recently discovered the momAgenda and really like it but it's still not quite enough. Unfortunately because of the deal I made with DH (which was actually broken to finish Christmas presents) I promised that I would not start anything new until we got my 'work station' set up in our office. That will be our first project around here for 2008 because I have 5 baby gifts to make! One of our Paster's wife is having a little girl in 2 wks (c-sec) so I need to get busy...see, they have 2 boys - she needs some PINK! In the meantime...I'll just keep thinking of some resolutions that I can actually stick to for more than...a week. Ah ha! I've got one - make as many homemade gifts this year as possible. Now I like the sound of that.

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