Monday, January 7, 2008


Is that a word? Well, I wanted to know so I looked it up. Webster's says "unsteady, shaky". I'd say that certainly describes my scallops. This is the 3rd baby blanket I've made and still can't seem to get the flow right. I haven't washed the fabric so once it has been laundered and puckers some it won't look so...wonky. I made this scalloped baby blanket from the Bend the Rules for our Paster's wife. She delivered baby #3 (early) over the weekend (mom & baby are well). I've read a few tips on how to close it off on the flicker group...I'll have to try some of those ideas on my next few. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. A few missed stitches...but made with lots of love!

Speaking of wonky - I like to wear an apron when I cook because I am so messy. [Isn't that a sign of a great cook?!] I just stumpled upon this great swap. Check it out.

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