Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The story of my life...work-in-progress ~ he he. This is the little project that I've had on my mind for months now. Kris - look familiar? She and I talked about this but I couldn't get my thoughts together for her to make it. As you can see my measurements were slightly off ... it was supposed to be able to velcro close on the back ... the tape gives it away doesn't it ?! And yes, I have the Wiggles on my iPod. DH and I know ALL the words to EVERY song - no exaggeration. We've even seen them in concert. The only way I get some peace in the car! sigh. I took lots of pictures as I was doing this so I could remember how to recreate it. I'm going to make another. If I can get this smoothed out would you like a tutorial? Which, by the way, I still have not figured out how to post pictures with text under it. I can only get them to post at the top of the text. I'm sure it's not that difficult but somehow I am just not getting the right answer from blogger help. Totally me - of course - I'm just not asking the right question I'm sure. If anyone has any tips on 'how to' I'll gladly accept. Isn't it crazy when it seems your almost 4 year old knows more about computers than you. I guess that's how our parents felt about VCR's back in the day ;-)


StichingSurgeon said...

ooo...cute! my ipod needs a new home and would appreciate a tutorial if you get the chance :)

Kris said...

Yey! You're making one!!! Have fun! I never did get around to trying one... maybe one day when I get my own IPOD :)