Friday, February 8, 2008

Things Just Aren't The Same

Since I began blogging (Dec. '07), I have started to look at everyday things, well, differently. It's quite lovely actually. I tend to notice more, slow down to take pictures (and 33 more to get the perfect shot), and sit down to think about my day (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Actually, it has helped me appreciate the good soooo much more. I am very happy to have become a part of a wonderful community of women who want to make the world a better place.

OK. So why the sappy opening...well, while visiting my usual list of 'blogs that make me happy' I discovered that I was passed two awards from Linaloo. She was kind enough to not only acknowledge me but two other new bloggers. (Natasha & Crystal). Very cool.

I'm going to pass on the award to The Stitching Surgeon who has had just done a wonderful craft makeover and to my friend (who I actually know in real life!) of The Cherub's Closet.

I figured I better get started on my apron for my swap partner since there is a deadline to mail it out. I cut that out and also the fabric for The Seamstress Apron along with a belt for Henry. Here's a pic so you don't think I'm full of hot air ;-)

Speaking of hot air - I know I said I was on a fabric freeze - but you may recall me mentioning my friend who is pregnant with twins. I found the fabric for baby girl! So now I'm really on the fabric freeze. really.

Once I had washed all the fabric for my many projects I began the task of ironing. I amused myself with the realization that the only time I use my iron is for sewing. I walk out of the house looking like who-woulda-thought. Back in the day my iron got a work out. Now it only sees the light of day during my sewing escapades....such is the life!


Anonymous said...

So sweet of you! Thanks for the award. I know what you mean about looking at life differently now... it's the small things that really make all the difference.
Oh and I had to laugh when I read what you said about ironing. That's exactly true for me too!

StichingSurgeon said...

Thanks for the award! Also being new to blogging myself (Dec 07 too!!) I know what you mean about looking at life differently. It seems I am always trying to capture the perfect image to explain a certain story or feeling for that day. I love it.

Oh BTW, you can acutally use an iron for clothes? I thought those things were made just for my sewing projects :)

Thanks again. I'm so flattered!

Lina said...

He he good luck with the fabric freeze - I cracked after about 6 weeks of trying to do the same!!!

Lola...again said...

Hi! I found your blog via the Sassyapron swap blog. Isn't it amazing how blogging changes your life! I, too, think I appreciate so much more!

About ironing; I love to iron my fabric because I love the smell of hot cotton!