Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cha-Ching Boda...Boom

I need to make some room! For all the fabric I scored today at JoAnn's. I know, I never stop. Maybe I'll actually make something instead of accumulating more fabric. Here are the projects and fabrics that I have on my to-do list. {Prepare yourself - my head is spinning after writting this post!}

These 3 were on sale for $3 a yard - I couldn't resist. I am going to make The Seamstress Apron out of them. The green one is slightly textured.

I plan to make an apron for birthday celebrations. Couldn't pass this fabric up. Maybe I'll make the pocket look like a present...

I have a good friend who is pregnant with twins! A boy and a girl. Her DH is an ACC football referee. I've had the football fabric for some time but wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I am going to make another scalloped baby blanket with these fabrics. I haven't found the fabric for baby girl. I need to get a move on though - we are throwing her a shower in about 6 weeks.

Once I had decided to make Amy Butler's Chelsea Bag to hold my knitting projects (I'm still casting on and hitting the knit stitch most nights but haven't gotten any further) I bought these. I randomly hit a great sale at JoAnn's - 50% off cotton canvas. Needless to say - these were a steal.

And last but not least, I am participating in The Sassy Arpon Swap. What is so great about this swap is each person is assigned a different swap partner. Hmm...in other words, my swap partner doesn't have me so I can blog about it and I won't spoil the surprise. She won't know who I am until she gets my apron. I've checked out her blog and she likes vintage patterns and clothing. I stumbled upon this fabric and thought it looked retro but not funky...just sweet. I plant to make the body of the arpon with the larger flowers and use the smaller print for accents - maybe the waist, ties, and pocket.

BTW - My spell check is still not working. Anyone else having that problem with Blogger? Ok - enough blogging about what I'm going to do...I better get to it.

Cha-Ching Boda...Bing!


Sarah C said...

I love your Apron material - I too am a part of the apron swap and am loving that I can post about it without spoiling the suprise.

Good luck with all your projects.

My spell check in blogger is also on the out -:(


Adrienne said...

Sara C - Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the vote on the fabric choices :) Happy apron swapping!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne! I'm so excited to be reading your blog. How fun to discover that I have an IRL friend who shares my obsession with all things crafty. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey Adrienne, I meant to tell you I love all the fabric you found! Can't wait too see the finished products.