Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And the List Goes On...

As if I need more fabric and projects in the queue...look what came in the mail yesterday. Jessica from How about orange designed these for J. Caroline Creative. I love this fabric!

And yes, I do have plans for these beauties. I am going to make the gardening tote from Lotta's Simple Sewing book. In my free time of course - ha! When I showed DH my fabric he said "Yeah that's great....because we do so much gardening." Ahem...we have to start somewhere and why not look good while you are toting those tool-thingys around ;-)

I also ordered ribbon to make belts for Henry. I am going to experiment with the closure to make it easier for him to do on his own. I'll let you know how it turns out and if they are 3 1/2 year old friendly!

Who says boy's clothes can't be fun!
And continuing with our list of 'home improvement' ... we've had an exciting morning here - at least from Henry and John's perspective. What in the world could keep these two busy boys so captivated you ask?
(Disregard the utterly filthy pane of glass)

Heavy equipment my dears...heavy equipment...
That's our driveway. We are finally widening it. You should see the inside of my van - 3 words - Virginia. Red. Clay. For those of you not familiar with our lovely soil here - take a good look at the picture - it's orange and gets ground into the floor mats in my car. This should solve the tracking mud everywhere problem (wishful thinking).
I'd say I'm on a fabric shopping freeze and need to begin a washing, ironing, cutting, and sewing marathon. I'm starting with The Seamstress Apron - gotta get those scissors and that seam ripper within reach. Wish me luck - I don't have much endurance!

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