Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knit Pickin' Weekend

I have become obsessed with trying to knit. I have so many sewing projects / gifts to be made and just keep casting on and knitting. {Not to mention the iPod cover that I still have not made the tutorial for} I haven't tried to purl yet. It scares me quite honestly. I am still trying to get comfortable holding and controlling the yarn so to add a new trick is well...tricky! I did receive the pattern for The Seamstress Apron from Craft Apple. I'm having some commitment issues (ongoing theme in my life it seems) though. I don't know what fabric to use. I want to use something that I love b/c I know I will be using this a lot...my problem...I love too many! Here's what I'm considering:
Amy Butler's Royal Garden Clay (Belle)

Amy Butler's Kashmir (Belle)

I absolutely love these fabrics. I have a fat quarter of each but I'm thinking I need to round up some more. Decisions. Decisions. On a different note, I finally got a new camera! I have been practicing taking pictures. Here is a recent sunset from my back porch...just ignore the fact that it's slightly out of focus :)

There's that old tree again...I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

PS - I am having the hardest time finishing the book Wicked. It's just...weird. So I've started reading another All the Finest Girls. I hate to stop a book mid-read (am I the same blogger who was just writing about commitment issues earlier?) but Wicked might not get picked up again. I hate it when that happens.


StichingSurgeon said...

my vote is for Amy Butler's Kashmir (Belle)...too cute!

me said...

Why can't you use a bit of both as the colours look like they are perfect together. Nothing like a mix of fabric!
Looks great!

Kris said...

I love that colorway :) Will look gorgeous! Just got your note and I have the tunic pattern (anna) in my EBAY store - I don't have the Lotus one at this time, but will order more next time. I'm loving all of your projects!! :) Kris

Adrienne said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'm thinking of using both and maybe track down another piece of fabric from here Belle line...

T said...

My comment is about "Wicked". I really loved the concept of the book, but found it to be a downer. I did finish it, and because I was still intrigued by the concept, I got a couple more of his books (the Ugly Stepsister one and Mirror, Mirror).

I started the Stepsister one and finally just put it down. It dragged and was even more depress-oid every time I turned the page. I didn't finish either of them.

Wicked did affect me. I think I even liked it. If you have gotten through it (or if you're planning to stick it out), good on ya.

Adrienne said...

T - Thanks for stopping by and for cheering me on. I left the bookmark in Wicked...I really want to know more about the Wicked Witch of the West. You are right the concept is great...just trying to muddle through is hard. I'm giving it a break and then maybe I'll get back to it.