Friday, January 25, 2008


It such a good feeling when you can cut into and write all over things with minimal consequences. Today has been a prep day - cuttin' up and tracing. Two aprons and a Bend the Rules baby blanket. I need to make 3 more tortoises but I am itching to finish something today. I'll save the softies for another day. One apron is for me and the other is a belated Christmas present to match these.

I received my order from Clotilde today.

Just a few goodies to make life a little easier. My mom wanted the seam guide and I thought it looked interesting enough to give it a try. I'm her guinea pig. If I like it, she'll get one. I'm hoping it will help me with the baby blanket scallops. The chalk cartridge set is wonderful. I'll never use a fabric marker again. I'm such a sucker for gadgets. Don't ask how much Pampered Chef and OXO stuff I have in my kitchen. It's embarrassing.

Speaking of the kitchen. I have to figure out what to make for dinner. This is what I was going to make (I hope you can enlarge it b/c it is good - disregard the overnight marinating - not necessary):

Was is the key word here. After I hit the customer service desk at the grocery store to return milk jugs to get my deposit back I went for my know where this is going...26 degrees out, wind blowing, no wallet, dire need for groceries, hair appointment in an hour...sigh...we left the store for home - no groceries in tow. Thankfully the hair appointment went well. I have two de-shagged (is that a word?) little boys; still no dinner planned but who's keeping tabs.

I think I'll go sew now and worry about dinner later :-}

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