Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am always amazed at how much mulch we need and how bad my back aches every spring.

Our yard is not that large but we have quite a lot areas that are "landscaped". I put quotes around landscaped because there is so much we need and want to do. After 7 years in this house we have only done what we needed to to the outside. Our focus (and for those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know) has been the inside of our home ... ok ... well, with the exception of fencing in the backyard and widening our driveway (you get the point).
We have been so busy that we only were able to get the front mulched (4 scoops!) and half the back (6 scoops!) done before we ran out of weekends with free time.
As you can see, it takes little time for the weeds to take over.

And as you can see ... one of our little helpers was not too pleased with his call to action.

Both preferred watching to pulling weeds, laying newspaper, and throwing mulch.

Actually that's not entirely true. Henry would have loved to throw mulch ... and he did until we realized that most of his 'load' was landing in the grass ;-)

While Rocky was off getting mulch, I contemplated our next project.

I had already dug up these irises that were crowding my lavender bush ...

and intended to move them to here

that is until Rocky and I realized that our roots run deep.
Wire grass roots that is.
Rocky spent the good part of a bit  tilling this section for me the other day and we still could not get all the roots.
So I began to dig ... and rake ... and hit rocks ... and pull roots ... and dig some more.

I'm not discouraged though. See those herbs ... I'm dreaming of pesto frozen for the winter and fresh tomatoes with feta and basil during the summer.

And while I was waiting for Rocky to move the truck to finish the mulching ... I decided to see how hard it was to disassemble a side patio that is no longer of use (never was). I want to use the slate stones for, you guessed it, more landscaping.

Ahhh ... so mulch to do and so little time.

Oh the possibilities!


Paige said...

Ahhh...look at all that lovely basil!
I've got Creeping Charlie growing (and taking over) lots of my yard and I'm trying to decide if I should kill it off or make peace with it. It's a nasty, aggressive little weed!

Paula said...

I'm loving that little helpers mad face! We have a large yard with lots of "landscaping" as well, so I completely feel your pain. It kicks my butt every year. I too dream of my little herb garden giving me winter joy. I hope yours comes along wonderfully and your grass roots loosen and go away quietly!

Bellezza said...

I am NO GOOD at gardening, but I do appreciate the fruits of your labors! (And my husband's, who's great at gardening.)

I love the moss beautiful.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Mulch never, ever goes as far as you anticipate. I always end up short-changing my flower beds.

Ruth said...

I can relate. I had to yank out so many roots in our garden. I was hoping for a deck this year but we have to hold off.


Stacey's Treasures said...

Your yard is great1 They are always a work in progress. I've been eyeballing a hillside that would look great planted in day lily's & iris's. we did finish planting the vegetable garden last night.
Your helper does look a little grumpy, funny!