Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Games People Play

I'm always looking for something other than electronics to entertain my boys in the car.

I finally broke down and called it one day.

You know ...


Dangerous territory if you have two boys I think.

But I was despirate.

And it worked.

And no one got punched.


Then that got a little old.

I had to up the challenge.

Hello Mini.


So if you happen to see a woman driver and two (very handsome boys ~smile~) pumping their arms up and down like they are pretending to pull a train whistle take a look around ... there's either a buggy or mini in our midst.

What games do you play?


:: Andrea :: said...

Cute!!! We just drove 5 hrs each day both Saturday & Sunday this past weekend and tried our best to entertain without the electronic devices. Books and cheapo toys work best (like the toobz from ac Moore) but ultimately the last two hrs each day of the trip were spent watching Dora and Cars.... Kudos to you for being so creative!!!!

Paula said...

Punch Buggy?? Is that the same as the SLUG BUG we play in our car? (Just for the record, I hate to be on the recieving end of of Slug Bug!)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Such a clever mind you have....We plug in and ignore each other (teenagers you know). I gave up the fight!

Sara said...

We play I Spy--but you gotta be fast while in the car! We also play the signs game, like naming the color and shape of road signs, and also identifying numbers and letters on them. Can you tell I used to be a teacher?!

moss stitch said...

The boys play Puddy Pie. Which is a pretend splat game to passers by.
I dunno - they made it up and they still play it at 11 years old!

queen of everything said...

i drove an old vw bug in high school and i loved to drive past the school bus and watch the kids dive for each other. ah, good times. i like the whoop coop. we had to outlaw the slug part of the slug bug, but the kids love to spot them and keep score of who has more.