Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sundries And A Feathered Friend

:: We went to Florida for spring break
:: It was awesome
:: I needed a vacation from my vacation once I got home
:: I finally picked up my crochet hook again and started working on John's blanket a bit
:: I finally sat at my sewing machine since I posted about this skirt and not only finished the skirt (pics to come but made a cute little jumper and did some boring mending/altering that has been lingering in the UFO pile)
:: I soaked 2 big bags of black beans and chick peas and froze them
:: I think I will need to invest in Beano given the amount of beans I have in my freezer
:: Or just gas masks
:: I was inspired by this bean cookbook to give the soaking a shot (no pun intended ;-P )
:: I'm sharing my chair right now with my cat and a stink bug that is destine to meet it's maker at any moment
:: I still can't get over the fact that Henry is 7 - goodness me - where has the time gone?
:: I occasionally have the feeling like I am a hamster in a wheel
:: I really do feel blessed - and grateful - and overwhelmed with joy
:: We hit the road for another air show
:: I {heart} jet noise
:: I wonder if we are considered air show groupies?
:: Loving books on CD for both the boys and me
:: Especially for long road trips ... and trips to the grocery store too
:: Looking forward to only having to pack lunches for 2 more days
:: When I pull my hair back in a bun I look like a skunk - I have a grey streak right down the middle - just call me Flower
:: I don't get carded any more when I buy alcohol - must be the stripe
:: I did cut 2 inches off my hair and invested in some mac-daddy-salon-products to tame the do
:: They are working - thank you Scruples
:: I've read 20 books since January
:: That doesn't count the books in my Bible that I've read
:: I'm reading book 21 now
:: And 1 Kings, John, and Philippians
:: The stink bug is still on the arm of my chair and my cat has abandoned his mission
:: Are you still reading?
:: I think it's time to wrap this up - I need to flush a bug

:: This guy was a bit peeved when he realized I wasn't going to feed him
What's sundering in your world?


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Oh my....Lots going on. I am however, amazed that the stink bug lasted as long as he did. I vote yes for a recuperating vacation after the real vacation.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Flower ~snickers~

I love randomness!!! You have such a good life!

Stacey's Treasures said...

Wow, you must be a speed reader, and a multi tasker!
Sometimes I don't even get one book a month read.
That stipe sounds most becomeing!

Paula said...

The stink bug commentary was totally cracking me up. Glad you're hooking, reading and cooking, even if the beans are causing minor explosions all over the house. It's all good...

:: Andrea :: said...

Ok...this post cracked me up...sounds like you have quite the stinky household between the bug and all the beans! :) And 20 books & the Bible!?!?!! Way to go! You MUST be a speed reader.

Bellezza said...

I love that you're reading your Bible; I seem to not be reading enough of it ever since that's all I read for Lent. Feast or famine, Chez Bellezza, where a little consistancy would be nice.

Welcome home! I surely know what you mean when you say you need a vacation from vacation. I think the worst is the laundry, at least for me.

I should give you the recipe I have for white cannellini beans, which you cook with basil, a fennel bulb finely chopped, and onion. I always serve them over pasta, being the Italian I am, but they're delicious! And all your bean soaking/freezing reminded me of it. Let me know if you want it. xoxo