Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabulous Fall Foods Friday - My Pepper Runneth Over

OK. I know sweet peppers are more a summer fare but here in Virginia we are still squeaking out some fresh veggies. Or maybe I should say farmers are still squeaking out some fresh veggies ... we barely managed to keep our basil alive this summer (insert whining noises here).

My crock pot got dusted off (which means it's fall to me) and some peppers got stuffed.

These turned out to be delicious. The recipe came from one of my favorite crock pot cook books. I used turkey instead of ground beef and it was not greasy at all. Rocky likes to spice up his food with some donkey sauce (take a peek at the name and the picture ... I don't know what we will do when Henry decides to read the label!) and I added my new fav sauce Cholula.

My peppers must have been on the smaller side because I had about a 1/2 pound of the turkey mixture left over. Since the meat had been frozen and I couldn't refreeze I decided to saute it and then freeze it for sloppy joes.

Don't forget to visit Paula for more Fabulous Fall Foods! I bet you will find her peppers list runneth over too!


Paula said...

We LOVE stuffed peppers and just had them last Friday!! Totally a fall food, to me. In fact, I make a Stuffed Pepper Soup that may make it to one of the fall friday posts. Yummy!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

All of those colors are so pretty.

My WV is supernut. Is it referring to you or me? hhmmm?

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Your peppers look too pretty to eat. I had a stuffed pepper soup at a restaurant that was so good. I'd love to steal that recipe away.