Friday, November 27, 2009


Boy am I stuffed. Still. A whole 24 hours after the feast and I am still bursting at the seams. And speaking of seams ...

I did manage to squeeze in a bit of sewing (for me of course - still haven't started on that Christmas list yet). I rediscovered the April Bag and thought it would make a great crochet tote. The sides are fairly open which gives lots of room for yarn to move freely and the straps make it easy to hang on a chair or your shoulder while you are cooking ... I mean hooking (you know, waiting for your water to boil. Don't you crochet and cook at the same time?)

I decided to line the bag with some silky material that I had left over from these clutches to decrease the resistance for the yarn.

The exterior fabric is from Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party line (Receiving Line - Ice). I'd say my yarn is definitely having a party in there. I plan on having a party in some Ice too ... I have 3 more yards of this beauty and I plan on making something ... a skirt or a dress. After the Christmas sewing is done ;-)

More Stuff:

Purse details - it was an easy bag to sew - directions were clear (even for me!). I don't think I would want this as a purse because the top and upper sides are open and I would be fearful of loosing my stuff. I made the handbag version, maybe the shoulder bag would make a better purse because it would be deeper. Just a thought.

I am finally making a scarf for me. The one I finished at the beach is being gifted. That's what's in the bag.

Turn the page ... Tuesday is this Tuesday! Dec. 1st! Can you believe it. I have lots to share on Tuesday so make sure to stop by. Don't forget to get your read on ;-)

I have something trashy in the works. If TTPT doesn't bring you back maybe that little teaser will ...

In the meantime, you can find me here:

stuffed in my chair.


Paula said...

That chair by the fireplace looks like a wonderful place for hookin'!
Love the bag, the colors you used are great!
I'm in for TTPT again this month. I've read a couple of really good books so need to decide which one to "chat" about.
Have a great day!

Joy said...

Oooo, I want to join you by the fire as well! I could use a lesson in crochet!

heather jane said...

What a great choice for fabric! I have had some project bags on my list for awhile now. The one I currently use is just too big. I love this for a simple hand bag, too, though!! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of even more tempting, distracting cuteness. :-)

Debi said...

Oh that looks so cozy and comfortable! Love the bag that fabric is yummy! I'm in for TTPT, I finished the book I was reading and almost finished another... and I can't wait to find out what your "trash" is!