Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is going to be one of those post where I ketchup ... you know catch up. It's going to be bit like Heinz 57. So hang on to your hot dogs and hamburgers; the Labor Day picnic ain't over quite yet!

Wash Cloth Swap

I participated in a little mini swap with Mary Grace and Joy.

For Mary Grace

From Mary Grace visit here.

For Joy

From Joy

There were actually 2 wash cloths but one is currently in use ;-)

Blogs I Like To Read

I knew it would happen. I would inadvertently leave someone off the list. When I switched from bloglines to Google Reader I would find blogs here and there that I forgot to add. Here are a few that have since been added (go on and stop by and say hi!):

Where The Wild Things Are

Over Yonder


Paper Dolls For Boys

Turn the page ... Tuesday

Make sure you check out this month's post; there are some links to some good reviews. I've decided to follow a theme for October - a youth/young adult type book. Go ahead, you know you want to revisit your junior high english class reading requirements ;-)


I wish I was ... today was John's first day of preschool and I was so busy playing ketchup to sew. I'll get there again ... hopefully in this century!


I washed my hat. It helped but the brim is still a little too floppy. I might try and make another ... we'll see. First I need to ... you know what's coming ... ketchup!


Rachel said...

I think your hat is cute! Have you thought about threading a thin wire around the circumference of the brim? I have a hat like that from Old Navy and it gives it just enough structure that I can play with it and give it the shape that I want. Just a thought!

Stacey's Treasures said...

I need to play ketchup too.
Still need to unpack & organize my craft & sewing things befor I start any new projects.