Thursday, September 10, 2009

Racing To Rest

We all know that kindergarten ain't what it used to be ... half day, nap time, play, play, play. No, know its all reading, writing, and arithmetic. Thankfully they haven't cut out snack and recess! In place of nap time they have 'rest time'. I'm not even sure for how long but the children were required to bring in a beach towel to lie on. After a quick peek in the closet I realized that we had none that were suitable (I don't think they would like a Vegas craps table or an adult beverage advertisement making an appearance despite the fact that they can't read ... yet).

Off to the store we went ... and then off to the craft room I went. You know I can't send him in with just a green towel.

Before I sewed the race car fabric onto the towel I ironed on a light weight interfacing and embroidered Henry's name.

I think we should be more like kindergarteners; instead of racing to the finish line, we should take time to rest. This world would be a much happier place indeed. Maybe we all could still learn something from kindergarden ...


Angela said...

What a cute idea. How clever!

Stacey's Treasures said...

Racing to rest, I like the idea!

Paula said...

What a proud and happy boy, to lay down for rest time with that special towel. Good job, Mama!

And yes, nap time should be a given for all of us. I so agree.