Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now That I've Found You

I'm doing a little housekeeping over here. Trying to tidy up the blog a bit. Instead of having all my fun reads in the sidebar I am going to have a link to this post. Here is the ever growing list of my favorites. Some are crafty, some are mommy, and some are just down right funny. Hope you discover some inspiration.

My computer crashed a while ago and I hadn't updated the blogs I read. It took me a long time to find everyone again and switch to Google reader ... but now that I've found you ... I'll never loose you again!


Jackie: said...

Thank you for sharing this list. For some one finding it hard to sleep, it will make for great nighttime virtual adventures!

Ruth said...

I am so glad to be on your list. I have added some pictures to the crochet a long flickr group.


Jessica said...

That is a great list--I find inspiration in many of the same places!