Friday, August 14, 2009


It seems as if my relationship with my sewing machine and MOJO have taken a turn for the worse. It appears that they are retaliating for my lack of attention. I thought my last project flub was just a fluke; apparently not. No, no ... there is a conspiracy brewing and I am fearful of the outcome.

I began (quite excitedly) to make a longall (Simplicity 5316) for a friends baby shower (the day before the party of course). No problem I thought, I made two of these for John ... you know where this is going, you guys are waaayyy too smart.

I have no problems getting the fabric cut and the first few steps of assembly done ... and then it is time for the snap tape. For the purpose of full disclosure, I did eliminate this step when making John's - I was short on time and needed the outfits for pictures . I decided since I was making size 3 months it would be wise (and to be a good friend) to add it this time since those little rascals seem to need diapers changed constantly.

After I said a few choice words and convinced the machine/zipper foot/thread to work this is what I got:

I should have listed to my Mom - naughty words will get you no where.

My trusty old friend (who doesn't seem to hold a grudge ... I guess because he does see quite a lot of action) Jack (the seam ripper) and I got to work. I gave it another shot and this time I kept my bad thoughts to myself. This is what I got:

Jack and I had at it again and I (sorta) fixed the problem ... only to discover this:

The snap tape didn't fold in properly. I'm not sure how else to describe this except to say it looked terrible and was not the way it was supposed to be. arg.

I caved. I ripped out the snap tape (for the third time) and decided my friend was just going to have to curse my name every time she changed her little one's diaper. I sewed the leg seams together. Or so I thought:

Yup. that's one big gigantic (ok - only gigantic for a 3 month old) hole.

big. deep. sigh.

Once I removed the uni-leg and created two leg holes I washed the longall again to get rid of any loose threads and the many stitch marks that are no more. After pressing I ended up with this great big arch across the front from where the interfacing is (and couldn't get a decent picture).

another.big. deep.sigh.

She was gracious and didn't mind the lack of snaps or the rainbow affect ... I hope she feels the same way when her baby is wearing this and she is sleep deprived and has to change a diaper or two!


Angela said...

In the end it turned out pretty darn cute! However, I'm a little scared of my sewing machine now. She's been neglected for quite some time. Maybe I'll sweet talk her and buy her something pretty! :o)

Paula said...

Well it turned out cute after all the hassles anyway! Me and my seam ripper are very close friends as well, though with all the cursing I don't know why he likes to visit me so often...

Ruth said...

I think it came out adorable. Your friend will know that you made this with love and she won't mind.


heather jane said...

The two of us need to take a lesson on procrastination. The last baby shower I attended was me showing up empty handed. I attached the snaps backwards at the last minute and didn't even have time to fix them. How lame is that? At least you figured out how to fix the problem.