Thursday, July 23, 2009


Have you ever been in a rush to finish something? Actually, to finish lots of things in a very short period of time ... I won't give all the gory details lest you fall asleep while reading. I will say that we've had quite a bit going on here and we are headed to the beach in two days (but who's counting - we haven't been to the beach for a week in over 5 years ... but again, who's counting!).

Over the years we've tackled our old house room by room as we could afford to do so (most walls are wall papered and then painted over) - John's room was the worst offender - the paper was peeling and bubbling. Once the (painted over) paper was down our plaster was in dire need of repair ... everywhere. They finished late Tuesday. I cleaned (and cleaned) all day yesterday. This was one of those 'not just clean the room' but both sets of stairs and anywhere else the plaster dust made it. I swear that plaster dust is finer than baby powder. My body aches today!

Cut to the chase Adrienne ... I haven't been able to pack because our house has been such a wreck and when I had a chance (while John was sleeping in our room) I couldn't get into our bedroom or John's. Oy! The discomfort has been worth it - John now has a big boy room (no more yellow and blue toile). How do they grow so fast? Gotta stop feeding them - maybe that will slow 'em down ;-P

Ok - cutting to the real story behind this post. My mother-in-law's bday is Friday. She wanted/needs a new make up bag. I had an impulse purchase the other day while I was dreaming of and drooling over sergers - Amy Butler's Stash & Dash Bags. I decided to make the toiletry bag with some scraps that I thought my MIL would like. I lined it with the ProCare and added and interior pocket.

Boy did I think I was smart. Not only did I finish her present before we left town but I really liked how it turned out ... until I took a better look.

I missed the end of the zipper ... and then I opened it up and took a peek. DOH!

I managed to not 'seal off' the inside. sigh.

So, my MIL is going to see her present today only for me to put it in my bag with my seam ripper. I will have several hours to make up for lost time with Jack (the ripper).


Jenna said...

Oh, the joys of being human! I agree with you though, the bag is beautiful. I'm sure she'll just love it.

jannza said...

Guess what? I just became aware (must have been sleeping while typing) that my dd9 was signed into my computer. Sooo, you actually got a message from "Jan" instead of "Jenna." Just thought you'd like to know who you were really hearing from.

Was it me who mentioned being human?

: )

Ruth said...

That stinks. I hate when you think you are ahead only to find you are very behind. So sorry to hear about that.
We've done the same kind of work in our house as we could afford it and it is such a mess. That plaster dust is finer than baby powder.


heather jane said...

Congrats on the removal of the wallpaper and repair of the plaster. When that tree hit the roof of our 105 year old rental we got a nice reunion with plaster dust. I didn't need the reminder. At All.

That bag is cute, cute, cute. Good luck with Jack and the repairs. When it's all done it will be worth it.

I got a serger for my birthday and I love, love, love it. So much love. I bought it used on craigslist so it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

Have GREAT vacation to the beach. I so love the beach!!!!