Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So ... the other day, Angela and I were solving all the worlds problems, talking yarn, washcloths, fabric, swim lessons and so on and so on ... while our children were doing this ...

Then it hit us ~ like when scooters/bikes collide. We need a project. Some motivation to help us get some Christmas presents done early.

Here are the guidelines:

- Try and step out of your comfort zone - try something new! Don't crochet you say? Never a better time to start we say!

- Make something for yourself!!!! Novel I know.

- Feel free to copy the {awesome} picture {Angela took} for your sidebar and link to the Flickr group

- Official deadline is Nov. 20th but there's nothing sayin' you can't keep hookin ;-P

Ready. Set. Wind!


Angela said...

woo hoo! hook in hand...I'm ready!

Paige said...

Great idea! As soon as I finish my UFO's, I'll get started!

periwinkle said...

I;ve started a ripple for Milo, he's picking a different colour to do every day so it's all his. When you consider it's 5 1/2 foot long it miht take a while :-)

Ruth said...

I need to think of a great project so I can join. Can't wait.