Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who Do Voodoo

Not I, but it sure looks like it doesn't it ...

These sweet little Black Apple dolls are for my friend who had twins over a year ago (shame on me). This is my third attempt at a gift. The first: the elephants which my hand stitching was attrocious and the second: some sock monkeys that I just couldn't seem to muster the energy to finish (they are now going to the new Craft Hope project).

After I made the first doll (for Craft Hope) I could see more in my future ... but first I needed the proper tools. I had a very difficult time turning those tiny arms and legs right side out and just as tough of a time stuffing. Sadly, Craft Hope only got one doll from me but I was determined to make some more.

I dug around in my Grammy's sewing box and found this contraption.

A turning tool! Oh the wonder!

Then on to my next dilemma ... stuffing. I stumbled upon this amazing beauty - a stuffing fork. It was worth every penny. I was using a fondue fork for my Black Apple doll! There were quite a few near misses using my kitchen utensil that's for sure. Barbara Willis' design is much more civilized don't-cha think ;-)

So now you know the mystery behind the legs. These little gals I had hoped to finish assembling before our vacation so I could embroider and stitch closed while at the beach. It didn't happen but that's ok - being a little over optimistic never hurt!

So, I'm off to sew up my girlies and deliver them to my friend's daughters. If there was any Voodoo involved in making these it was with the intent wish these sweet little ones well.


Over Yonder said...

Those turned out adorable!!!

Paige said...

Turning tools! Stuffing forks! Oh my! That's what I need to pick up when I start making a couple dolls for Juliet for Christmas this year for sure. Thanks for reminding me!

The Stitching Surgeon said...

cute fabric combos on those little dollies! love it! i made one of those a long time ago for my niece...need to make one now for my little ones (a boy and girl dollie)

periwinkle said...

I can't believe you never finished those elephants lol !! I think I'd have a mare stuffing those skinny legs too -- good job for the tool