Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation Hair

You know what I'm talking about - when you are on vacation and your hair looks like who-would-have thought because of the change in climate. This especially happens to me because I wear my hair short and it's naturally curly (I usually straighten it - but my hair wins hand down at the beach).

No more unruly hair I say! Thanks to this great tutorial for an instant gratification crochet project - I mean head wrap. I spied this mane tamer on Angela's blog originally (she has some seriously curly locks) and knew I had to make one ... it wasn't until I was at the beach that I was painfully reminded by a quick glance in the mirror what the salt air, humidity, and wind does to my hair. Thankfully I packed some yarn for the occasional quite moment ...

A little over optimistic eh? Well, I just happened to have some cotton yarn that was perfect for the job. I crocheted with gusto I tell ya! I wanted to get my hair under control; desperate times indeed. The pattern was so easy to follow - the only changes I made was to make it a wee bit more narrow - I did not repeat row three - perfect for my pea size head.

Please excuse the poor photo. I was so excited I had to take a picture right then - in the bathroom with poor lighting - the hair was under a spell (not to mention some grease I'm sure!) ... I love this thing. I wore it all week long. Actually, I have it on right now.

Another one down for the crochet along - cha ching boda bing. How are you coming along?


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Adrienne, you crack me up!

Love the picture!


Joy said...

Super cute!

periwinkle said...

why didn't you post this a week or so ago -lol. It's been so hot and humid here lately and my fringe ( which I'm trying to grow out ) was seriously getting on my nerves , so I ended up cutting a sleeve off one of HUbs old t-shirts and using that :-)

Ruth said...

I love the picture and the head band. It came out great. I haven't had a spare moment to crochet because I've been preparing for homeschool. I need to get moving.


Paula said...