Friday, July 17, 2009

Gotcha Covered

I found these great bibs when Henry was little that were huge and caught just about every piece of food that he dropped (when he would actually wear the bib but that would be a whole 'nother post about what battles to fight when you have a toddler ... I digress). So ... these bib's have been around for some time and let's just say you won't see a picture of them here lest you call child protective services on me for still using them on John. See, these bibs cannot be washed. You have to wash (scrub the living hell out of them) every time they get dirty. Let's just say they've seen better days.

Since John is our last, I am NOT paying to purchase more bibs for him that
1) Will only get funky gross like the current ones

2) I'm hoping that soon he will be less messy (wishful thinking)

3) I can sew (really, I know it's been a while but I still can!!!)
I decided to trace the bib that was so rockin' to get my pattern, bought some iron on vinyl and went to town.

I ran into some trouble with my snaps and could not finish off the bottom of the bib the way I intended. I remedied that by ordering this awesome snap setter from Nancy's Notions. This version only has a small pocket to catch strays and is not leak proof on the side of the pocket - version 2 is in currently in the works.

I lined the back with ProCare (the same stuff I used for their lunch totes) so that this bib is water (and food) proof but washable. Nothing like a little more laundry.

Despite the small pocket, I'd say that the recipient doesn't seem to mind ...

I guess he knows Mama's always got him covered.


Jamie said...

Great bib! I love love love the wipeable bibs! I always bought them even though the fabric ones where always so much cuter. Yours is wipeable and cute! I can't wait to see version 2!

heather jane said...

Love the idea of the snappy pocket and that fabric is Just. Plain. Adorable!