Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sew (much) News

A few items for today:

- I updated my post regarding the camera strap to link to my flickr page with instructions on 'how to'

- I have gotten many questions lately has to where I buy my fabric ...

Bought from -

J. Caroline Creative

Reprodepot Fabrics

Quilt Home (lots of Amy Butler and Heather Bailey)

Monkey Foot Designs (Kris just got in some great Japanese imports and Joel Dewberry AND Amy Butler!)

On my list to always check their store when I am looking -


Purl Soho

SewZanne's Fabrics

Hart's Fabric

Fabric Store

Oh ... I have bought on Etsy before as well.

- Old Red Barn Co. is doing it again ... giving away a beautiful quilt. Go ahead and head on over -you know you want to enter to win!

- And the inspiration for the post title ...

My mom has been hording a stash of Sew News magazine ... 12 issues worth! I had NO IDEA my mom even subscribed to this ... well, maybe I did but she probably told me while we were on the phone and I was playing referee. At any rate - all 12 are mine now and all future issues once she is done with them! I cannot wait to sit down and take a peek. Just be forewarned ... I might not post about the wonderful ideas in here for another ... year or so! Ha!

Now I just need to come up with a clever way to store them ...


Dana said...

Thanks for adding me to your sidebar! Good luck winning the quilt!

~ANG said...

Thanks for dropping in again! And thanks for sharing all of your fabirc secrets!

Jade said...

Do you have any idea how bad I actually want to go to Purl Soho???

Paige said...

Thanks for sharing those links - and man, I love Purl Soho, too. Beautiful, luscious fabrics and yarns in one spot? Yum.

Joy said...

I hope to place an order with Kris soon if I can just hang onto my fabric money and stop spending it here in town! ;)
Thanks also for the camera strap how to!

periwinkle said...

Hi, there is something waiting for you on my blog

lisa x

Jelly Wares said...

Thanks forr all of the great fabric shop links...

Jodie :)

Kris said...

I love those magazines too! The most recent sister publication SEW SIMPLE (I think that's it's name....) is GREAT this month! I'll try and add some of the goodies to my blog if I get a chance :) Kris