Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So, Where We Gonna Go?

I got tired of looking at this:

Nothing like a GPS in a box.

So I made this:

(See this post for more info)

But who am I kidding. It's just going to look like this now:

Maybe if keep asking DH 'Where we gonna go?" it might actually get put to use.

edit - fabric is Alexander Henry "route 66"


Kris said...

Too funny!We just keep ours in the car console :)

(PS: the first few times on the boat were a little scary - now I'm used to it and the kids do great!)

Lola said...

That bag is too cute! What is that fabric? Hey! Why don't you come to my house in Utah! That would be a nice LONG drive!

Melissa said...

Love the bag! I too just had to find a GPS-toting solution, this one for a portable hiking GPS. Here is my take on it!

periwinkle said...

least you can look at nice fabric now though!
lisa x