Monday, June 2, 2008

I Just Forgot

Henry I sat down to read a story out of his Just A Little Critter Collection before nap the other day. When asked which one he wanted, he pointed to I Just Forgot.
Me: You want to read 'I Just Forgot'?
H: What?
Me: a little slower this time You want to read 'I Just Forgot'?
H: What? What did you forget?

Poor kid. He's so used to me saying "Oh! I forgot ...." sigh. Needless to say, we had a good giggle.

Well, I managed to actually forget again. This time with a very pleasant outcome. I was so busy making and then mailing (those darn customs forms - I always fill out the wrong one) my apron for The Sassy Apron Swap that I totally forgot that I was getting one too! Crazy. I know. How could I forget something like that. So, on Thursday, when there was a knock on my door I hadn't the slightest clue who it might be. Upon opening it and seeing a package from (or so I thought) I really began to wonder ... what had I ordered? I can't remember...Only to open it to find my fabulous apron from Carrie! It is so adorable I can't stand it. Ladybugs, daisy, red gingham and a little bit of lace - what more could an apron wearing gal wish for! And there was more ... 2 hand towels and an awesome recipe for Magic Milk Shakes. I cannot wait to make them - mmm-mmm good.
So ... on to the pictures. Here is my first attempt at taking a picture of me wearing the apron:

So I went to my old standby ... my tree:

Just look at the detail on the pocket and the bottom! It's just too cute. Sorry for all the gushing ... It's just that this was more than just a surprise because I hadn't seen it ... I had just plain forgot I was even getting it!


Yarni Gras! said...

it is a really cute apron! You need to do what I do and take a picture of yourself in the mirror while wearing your apron! hahahaha.......If you close the flash, it won't mess up the picture!

The Stitching Surgeon said...

too cute! love the apron!

Paige said...

What a sweet apron - lucky you! And I'm glad to see May(d) for Me is continued...