Friday, May 30, 2008

May(d) For Me ... Continues On!

Ok. So May is practically over. I made 2 things for myself. I had intended more. How about you? Sew what to do? (I couldn't resist)

Keep sewing! Continue getting your 'tion' - motivation, inspiration, and celebration and share your progress on flicker.

I've updated the button.

Thanks to all who participated. I had so much fun seeing what you made.

Happy sewing ... for you!


Lil D said...

Absolutely zero. I have a stack of patterns (well, about 3) for tops that I want to make for me before summer hits, but I can't seem to start them. I always feel that there's something else that's a higher priority that I should do first...

The Stitching Surgeon said...

i still have some things i want to make...but miss emmeline MUST come first...i just HAVE to get the motivation to do that one!

angie.a said...

I "May'd" some things for me! I think I forgot to add them to the flickr album, at least one or two though! :P Are we still continuing?