Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go Local 2009 :: Mi Casa Su Casa

Our CSA in conjunction with another local agency hosted a kids day last Saturday. We were there with our boots on ~ the activity was to make a toad house and they happily got down and went to town.

Unfortunately I dropped the shovel on Henry's habitat and broke the planter. He was very kind and said "accidents happen." We made due ...

The fortunate toad not only has a duplex (for his mother in law no doubt) but has stepping stones as well.

An added bonus was to make a lizard house; again, my boys happily complied.

Our lucky "lizards" (skinks actually, thanks to the commenter who identified them ... lucky lizard just has a nice roll to it I think but I digress ...) have the great fortune of having their home outfitted with every rock from our back yard that we could carry.

And yes, lest our lucky lizards feel left out ... a stepping stone for them too. Mi casa su casa!


Angela said...

What a cute idea...I'm "toad"-ally going to get some pots so my girls can make those for their little flower garden. What fun! Love the lizard house too.

periwinkle said...

lol, very cute houses .

Stacey's Treasures said...

What a great idea!
We had huge toads that lived in our basement in Oregon when I was a kid. We named them & had toad races with them.
I've always like toads. They eat lots of bugs.

Paige said...

Very cute, and I love that Henry didn't give you too hard a time. What a sweetheart!