Friday, June 12, 2009

Go Local 2009 :: The Bounty

What's in the bag?

4 apples

1 beet

1 red onion

3 yellow sqash



Henry and I are headed out of town to visit some dear friends this weekend so you will have to wait until Monday to see what became of our bounty. You can rest assured it is not the recipe they gave us ... we told our beet to beat it (I must confess here that I had that album cover poster size in my room when I was a tween). It made it's way from our kitchen to our neighbors ... we're just not beet people.

And the bag?

I did manage something crafty this week after all. Free pattern here.


Kris said...

I *LOVE* this! Hmmm... I could swap some fabric for one! :)

Paula said...

Beets have to take a hike when they come to my house too. Shoo!

Tomorrow's our local market and I'm thinking aspargus and rhubarb are going to hop into my bag...

Paige said...

I love beets, but they don't love my digestive system so much...ugh! Oh, and I had a Michael Jackson poster (or 2 or 8) in my room as a tween, too. :)