Monday, May 5, 2008

Ain't Wastin' No Time

It only took me a few months to finish my dish cloth but who's keeping track?!

I figured since it took a little while like forever I would get started on another. I'll hone my skills on another dish cloth and move on to a scarf next. Maybe by winter of 2009 that will be done - ha!

I did miss a stitch and I'm not sure how to fix it (or if I even need to). I'm worried that the missed stitch will start to unravel ... suggestions? You will also see where it's a little loose - do I need to do anything with that?

My dirty dishes await your suggestions ...


Kris said...

Hi Adrienne! I just made a button for the Emmeline Sew Along (In case you're up for another one). Blogger isn't letting me leave it for you here, so email me and I'll send it to you. I also need your address - I have something for you!

I was going to make a button for you, but looks like Stitching Surgeon beat me to it :)

Re: the BTRS bag, I think it would be *great* for knitting! I liked the interfacing that I used for the sides, and the bottom was the perfect stiffness as well. Let me know if you have any more questions :) Kris

Paige said...

Way to knit! Re: the dropped stitch, I guess it could unravel, say when the dishcloth gets wet and stretchy. It wouldn't be too hard to rip out one or two rows so you can pick it that stitch and "ladder" it back in place. That's what I'd do. Either that or say, "Whatever. Moving on!"

periwinkle said...

You could always put a little thread stitch in, I would say it probably will unravel
Lisa x
PS am working backwards through your posts and forgot to say Love the superheroes!