Sunday, May 4, 2008

May(d) For Me Button

Literally. The Stitching Surgeon was so kind to make a button for me! I hope you all will join in the fun. I've cut out a shirt and have the pattern for a skirt cut - just need to lay it out and cut. Something about cutting into fabric makes me nervous - ha!

I should mention that the Flicker group it titled "May(d) by Me" - woops. I meant it to say 'for' - oh well ... such is life!

Here's the button code (I hope this works - I'm still trying to get it to fit on my sidebar):

If you can't get it to work - just send me your email (I won't publish it in the comments) and I'll send you the link that way.) Happy day!


Joy said...

Cutting fabric is always so nerve racking!!! ;) How fun to sew a few things for you! I just might have to sew up a skirt but it may be more like a May/June project! ;)

Paige said...

Love that button!