Monday, April 28, 2008

I Scream, You Scream

We all scream for ice cream!

DH had made a Sam's run the other day and spotted an ice cream maker. The man who dislikes dessert but LOVES ice cream walked right past it. He mentions this to me and what a great deal it was ... our conversation went something like this:
DH "I saw this great Cuisinart ice cream maker at Sam's today."
Me (hmmm ... he mentioned a products name ... he never notices things like that) "Yeah ... and"
DH "It was pretty cool. Stainless."
Me (where is he going with this) " Uh huh."
DH "I think Henry would like it. To make ice-cream."
Me (you mean YOU would like it) "Sure. He probably would - especially the end result."
DH "You know we could make some really health stuff instead of eating Ben & Jerry's."
Me (since when do care whether something is healthy or not) "Right."
DH "Why don't you go back tomorrow and get it."
Me (don't have to ask me twice - consider it done!) "Ok honey."

Our inaugural batch was mint chocolate chip.

Mmmm Mmmm

I see lots of this in our future!

I did get to make a tote this weekend. (Sorry for the bad pic)

This is for a little girl who's brother has a liver disease - he has had to take chemo even though he does not have cancer. As you can imagine this family is in constant disruption - in and out of the hospital b/c little Hayden (he's 5 years old) doesn't have an immune system to speak of. I wanted to make sure she felt special. I have several projects I need to finished before May(d) for Me begins. One of which is a super hero cape for her brother Hayden. He's my hero. What a strong little person he is. Please add them to your prayer list.

Tote info - I made the one from Lotta's book. The little girl takes Karate - thus the Asian theme. Fast and easy. I finished off the seams vs zig-zagging them as she suggested. That just feels too unfinished to me.

My house (thanks to some elbow grease from DH) no longer is on the FEMA watch list ... so on with the sewing! I've been tagged by Oy With the Poodles Already ... stay tuned ... this is a new one :)


Lil D said...

My friend's little 4 year old has cancer again, so we know too well the chemo routine. He's had his arm amputated now, though, so hopefully it won't come back. It's terrible that anyone should have to go through this, but especially little kids. I hope the sister likes her beautiful tote bag,

Lola said...

I'm gearing up for May'd for me! I can't wait to have some new things (not bags, or shoes, or crafts)!