Friday, April 25, 2008

Air Traffic Control, Can You Read Me?

We went to visit DH's sister this past weekend for a little get away. More like a little insanity ... nothing like an 18 month old in a 3 story townhouse that is not too child friendly. Let's just say we underestimated the three S's of toddler hood [speed, strength, and stamina].

We did however have a few memorable moments other than breaking glass and chemical spills. We went to Gravelly Point for some entertainment and a picnic. The boys had a blast. ALL of them. DH used to go there as a kid and was excited to take share a fond memory with his boys. Here are a few shots from the day.

Yup - we were that close.

You know they were wondering who this crazy lady is taking pictures - I'm sure they did some fancy scanning of the grounds all CIA / FBI - ish and realized I was just a rube tourist!

Next thing you know we see this ....

I thought those things only existed in Bond movies .... I've gotta get out more.

And since we have a transportation theme going here, I should take this opportunity to share - I am convinced that in my back yard I have the buzzziest airport in the world; otherwise know as my apple tree. We were out there the other evening and you would not believe how many bees were zipping around. Tried as I might, I could not get a decent picture of the (almost) swarm. What I did get was a picture of two bees doing a tango ...

Look closely, right there, in the middle, you can barely make out the second bee {or any bee for that matter}. I know, it feels like we are spying through their bedroom window. Really, it's ok. It only lasted as long as it took me to take the picture.

DH and I were cracking jokes about one taking off and 100 more coming in for their landing. All you could hear was" zzzzz....bbbbsssszzz...zzzzzzzzz".

I can picture them now back in their hive dancing for the queen and all the other bees now ... crazzzzzy.

Don't forget about May(d) for Me!

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kerri said...

That boat/bus thing is crazy! I think I need to get out more too. Your tree is beautiful, we barely have buds here.