Wednesday, March 26, 2008

High Five

Our should I say high mitt. I finished this little ditty on Friday of last week. I know there are tons of patterns out there for this kind of stuff but I used the one from Simply Sewing. This was not lost in translation. I was only able to make one mitt because (true to form) I didn't have enough of the batting. I still have enough fabric left over from my Emmeline apron to make another once I get more stuffing ;-) This was fast and easy. Nice.

I desperately need to replace the oven mitts that are in currently in use. I'm too embarrassed to show you what they look like. You might call the health department on me!


Lola said...

Darling!! I love that fabric (as usual)! I need to make a few new things for my kitchen.
My kids like to put the mitts on their feet, thumb as the heel, and call them reindeer makes me laugh hard!! They are so weird!

StitchingSurgeon said...

too cute! and oh my! potholders are scary! i need new ones too...another one on the to-sew list :) did you use insulbrite or just cotton batting?

Adrienne said...

I did use insulbrite. Don't want to get too close to the fire ;-)

Kris said...

Mine are super scary too! Need new ones one of these days... I got one at Marshalls that has a magnet on it, so I keep it on the side of the fridge, above Sydney's reach. That way I always know where to find it!