Friday, March 21, 2008

Emmeline Apron Love

Ahhhh...I finished it yesterday. I love it. I did cheat and did not hand stitch the bias strip on. That part definitely doesn't look so great but lucky enough it ends up under my arms so you can't really tell. When I make this for someone I'll do it properly though. Ack - I might pull some stitches and do it over. After wearing it I don't particularly care for the tie and the neck. I think I am going to make it into one continuous strap ... what would a project be without some seam ripping!

I had a little help taking pictures. I had to use the boys play set because the light was off by my tree and had too many shadows - like the hand stitching, I was just to impatient to wait until the AM. Who knows what might be on my apron by then ... tacos from dinner, fruit from breakfast ...

On another note - check out What Kris and Stacey are up to - a sew along with prizes! They've set up a flicker group so you can play along. I'm excited but nervous. This bag is a bit more than what I've made before. The deadline for completion is April 30th so get moving (or sewing!). I'm steppin' out ladies!


thecherubscloset said...

Oh, Adrienne, it turned out so gorgeous! I can just see you standing at the stove putting it to use! :) Nice work.

Team NE said...

Those aprons are beautiful!! I just love her patterns! Wonderful job!

the pink painted giraffe