Monday, March 24, 2008

Sugar High

Friends had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday for the little guys and gals. Lots of fun was had by all.

The Easter bunny brought some great books, Can God See Me in the Dark?, Policeman's Safety Hints, & Street Safety Hints. There were a few other goodies but the Easter bunny hid them so well she forgot where she put them...there's always next year!

I had a productive weekend finishing a few things on my to-sew and to-do lists. I'll post about them this week. I hope your Easter was filled to the brim with lots of sugar (you know, lots of love from family and friends).

*update - because I know you care*

The Easter Bunny miraculously saved the day and found the additional goodies hidden in the most logical spot - as far way as possible from the other Easter treats stashed in the basement for safe keeping ... over the microwave. Makes perfectly good sense, I know.

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StichingSurgeon said...

hope you all had a wonderful easter...looks like the little guys had a good time!